Plasma Technology for Advanced Devices

IBM and AMD announce that have extended their joint development efforts through 2011, according to the San Jose Mercury News. The companies will research 32- and 22-nm process and chip technologies through 2011. Source: San Jose Mercury News

IBM and Advanced Micro Devices have tacked a three-year extension onto their December 2002 collaboration agreement that could see the two companies work on chip-making technologies based on a 32-nanometer process. The agreement was set to expire at the end of 2005, but now extends until Dec. 31, 2008. Source:

IBM, AMD, Toshiba, and Sony present at the IEDM conference a 90 nm device with partially depleted SOI with 40 nm gate length, raised source/drain, disposable spacer, final spacer for S/D doping and silicide proximity, and NiSi.

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