Plasma Technology for Advanced Devices

Process requirements for continued scaling of CMOS—the need and prospects for atomic-level manipulation
by P. D. Agnello
IBM J. RES. & DEV. VOL. 46 NO. 2/3 MARCH/MAY 2002, page 317


White Papers on Advanced Process Control


"Identifying Front-End Challenges for 90 nm Design" G. Higashi, Th. Lill
published in
EE Times Asia (for Korean version click here)

Polysilicon Planarization and Plug Recess Etching in a Decoupled Plasma Source Chamber Using Two Endpoint Techniques
George A. Kaplita, Stefan Schmitz, Rajiv Ranade, Swami Mathad

"Photoresist Mask Faceting, Sidewall Deposition, and Microtrenching"

Arpan Mahorowala and Herbert H. Sawin
at: www/

"Simulation of Profile Evolution Using Cellular Representation of Feature Composition and Monte Carlo Computation of Flux and Surface Kinetics"
Arpan Mahorowala and Herbert H. Sawin
at: www/

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"Experimental Characterization of Polysilicon Profiles"

Arpan Mahorowala and Herbert H. Sawin
at: www/

"Developing a WSix Gate Etch Process with CD Bias Uniformity less than 3nm"
Wilfred Pau, Meihua Shen, Shashank Deshmukh, Takanori Nishizawa

"Technology Innovations and Process Integration for Sub-100nm Gate Patterning"
Meihua Shen, Wilfred Pau, Nicolas Gani, Jianping Wen, Shashank Deshmukh, Thorsten Lill, Theodoros Panagopoulos and John Holland, Jian Zhang, Hanming Wu

and Guqing Xing


"An Introduction of Etch Process"

Ho Young Kang

"Chemical reaction Mechanisms for Modeling the Fluorocarbon Plasma Etch of Silicon Oxide and Related Materials "

Pauline Ho, Justine E. Johannes, Richard J. Buss, and Ellen Meeks
Sandia National Laboratories