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Clarycon News Archive: IBM - Chartered Collaborations

Chartered Semiconductor announces the extension of the joint development with IBM to the 32-nm technologies node.

IBM and Chartered Semiconductor announce that they have signed an extension to their existing technology agreement, expanding their joint development efforts to 45-nanometer (nm) bulk CMOS process technology. Upon the completion of the development, the two companies will have created a common process platform spanning three major generations of advanced process technology. Source: Chartered Semiconductor

Chartered Semiconductor announces the formation of the NanoAccess Alliance in support of joint work between the foundry and IBM at the 90nm level and Chartered, IBM and Infineon at 65nm level. Under the NanoAccess Alliance, Chartered and more than 15 third-party companies – including ARM, Cadence, Flextronics, Mentor Graphics, ST Assembly Test Services and Synopsys -- are pre-qualifying 90nm design solutions for earlier silicon validation and lower risk production of leading-edge IC and SOC devices. Source: Electronic News

IBM and Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing announce a multi-year, multi-faceted development and manufacturing agreement. The deal give Chartered access to the 300 mm IBM facility in East Fishkill. Both companies plan to work together on 90 and 65 nm technology nodes for logic devices.

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