Plasma Technology for Advanced Devices

Macronix, IBM and Infineon announced today a joint research initiative to explore the potential of a new form of computer memory technology called phase-change memory (PCM). Source:

At the 2003 IEDM conference Intel, IMEC, Texas Instruments, IBM, Infineon, and Philips present a paper on ALD HfO2 high k dielectrics in conjunction with PVD sputtered gate electrodes. Source: IEDM

IBM announces at the 2003 Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology meeting in Toulouse that it will be first to build a SiGe bipolar transistor using a thin SOI wafer chip design. The chip design could be implemented within five years. Source: Electronic News

Infineon Technologies announces that it will join an existing logic process development alliance between IBM Microelectronics and Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing. Source: SBN

Altis Semiconductor, a joint venture between IBM and Infineon, will invest EUR170 million over three years to build a research and development center at Corbeil, south of Paris. The R&D center will employ about 140 people. Research will focus on developing a new generation of high density MRAM devices. Source: '

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