Plasma Technology for Advanced Devices


Infineon Technologies AG and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) announce that they have signed an agreement to cooperate on the production of standard memory chips (DRAMs). Under the terms of the agreement, Infineon will transfer its 0.14-m DRAM trench technology to SMIC, with an option for future transfer of its 0.11-m technology. In return, SMIC will manufacture these particular products exclusively for Infineon.

SMIC will equip its existing 200mm facility in Shanghai with Infineon's 0.14-m production technology. Qualification of products is scheduled for mid-2003. SMIC will start production with 256-Mbit DDR memory chips. Depending on the development of the DRAM market, the company will produce higher memory densities in the future. Following the ramp up of the SMIC facility, the cooperation will enable Infineon to increase its overall capacity by around 20,000 wafer starts per month by 2005. Source:


Infineon Technologies AG announces that it would transfer 0.11-micron DRAM trench technology and 300-mm wafer production know-how to Shanghai's Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC). Source: SBN

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