Plasma Technology for Advanced Devices

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) announced today that it would be the first in the industry to start advanced semiconductor production with 90 nanometer embedded DRAM process in FY2003. With the installation of this advanced semiconductor technology, SCEI will integrate the company’s two main semiconductors, EmotionEngine« and Graphics Synthesizer, CPU and graphics processor used for PlayStation«2, into one chip. Production of the new semiconductor will start from this spring in Oita TS Semiconductor (OTSS), a joint venture between SCEI and Toshiba Corporation, and in the fall in SCEI’s own semiconductor fabrication facility in Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture. Chip Specifications: 128bit RISC, Parallel rendering processor with embedded DRAM, Process: 90 nanometer, total number of transistors: 53.5 MTr., Embedsded DRAM: 4MB, Memory size: 0.19Ám2, Clock frequency: 294.912MHz, Power consumption: 8Watts, Metal layer: 5, die size: 86mm2. Source: ''


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