Plasma Technology for Advanced Devices

Toshiba Corporation and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) announced a reinforcement of their strategic ties through a technology licensing and foundry agreement that will introduce 0.15 micron low power static random access memory (SRAM) technology to SMICí»s manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China. The agreement will provide Toshiba with capacity support from SMIC, while SMIC will be able to utilize the new advanced SRAM process technology to support its customers.

Toshiba and SMIC have been partners in SRAM production since a December 2001 agreement on the transfer of 0.21-micron process technology to SMIC. The new agreement builds upon this collaboration and will enable SMIC to fabricate a new generation of low-power SRAM, while ensuring Toshiba has access to a solid SRAM outsourcing base. The primary application for SRAM is in mobile phones. Source: ''


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