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Clarycon News Archive: TSMC - NXP Collaborations

NXP Semiconductors announces that it will not extend its current cooperation in the Crolles2 Alliance beyond the end of 2007. NXP, formerly Philips Semiconductors, has decided to work with long-time foundry partner TSMC.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. along with Europe's Royal Philips Electronics N.V. and STMicroelectronics today announce collaboration on a new 90-nm (0.09-micron) CMOS process and plans to jointly develop compatible next-generation 65-nm (0.065-micron) and below technologies. Souce: SBN

Crolles2 R&D facility at STMicroelectronics' plant near Grenoble is officially opened. The joint venture between Motorola, Philips, and STMicroelectronics is part of a five-year partnership to jointly develop processes from the 90nm to 32nm nodes on a 300mm line. The Crolles2 alliance also includes an agreement made with TSMC, which is participating in process development and alignment efforts. The Crolles2 project represents a total investment of $1.4bn by 2005 from the partnering companies. Sourec: SBN

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