Plasma Technology for Advanced Devices

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. along with Europe's Royal Philips Electronics N.V. and STMicroelectronics today announce collaboration on a new 90-nm (0.09-micron) CMOS process and plans to jointly develop compatible next-generation 65-nm (0.065-micron) and below technologies. Souce: SBN

Crolles2 R&D facility at STMicroelectronics' plant near Grenoble is officially opened. The joint venture between Motorola, Philips, and STMicroelectronics is part of a five-year partnership to jointly develop processes from the 90nm to 32nm nodes on a 300mm line. The Crolles2 alliance also includes an agreement made with TSMC, which is participating in process development and alignment efforts. The Crolles2 project represents a total investment of $1.4bn by 2005 from the partnering companies. Sourec: SBN

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