Plasma Technology for Advanced Devices



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Influence of Mask material in silicon gate etching

1.4 M

8 slides

Resist mask, dielectric hardmask, carbon hardmask, gate oxide selectivity, reactive layer, carbon concentration on gate oxide, resist coverage, mask selectivity, mask charging, pre-doped gate stack

Sidewall passivation layer formation during gate etch

2.2 M

7 slides

anisotropy, sidewall analysis with XPS, mask materials, gas mixtures, oxygen flow, overetch

The selfclean chemistry concept

504 k

4 slides

Etch by-products, sidewall deposition, chamber wall deposition, volatile and non-volatile etch products

RIE lag in poly-Si and silicide etching


1 slide

chlorine chemistry, gas additives

CD control for gate etch process

2.3 M

10 slides

Critical dimension, sidewall passivation thickness, balance between etch and deposition, gas phase deposition, line of sight re-deposition

Doping effect: Dual Gate Etching

216 k

5 slides

Chlorine etch mechanism of doped poly-Si, CF4 and NF3 addition, carbon inhibitor, Coulomb attraction and repulsion, pressure effect

Softlanding During Gate Etching

1.0 M

6 slides

Effect of oxygen addition for resist and hardmask stacks

Gate oxide preservation

2.1 M

7 slides

overetch, re-oxidation, perturbated layer, amorphization of bulk silicon, gate oxide recess, hydrogen and oxygen implantation

Thin gate oxide behavior during the overetch step

2.7 M

8 slides

In-situ reflectometry, gate oxide punchthrough, silicon loading, plasma oxidation

The  notched gate 

2.4 M

8 slides

transistor speed, sidewall passivation and oxidation, notch control, CD control, spontaneous etching, chamber wall conditions, microloading

Resist Trimming

3.1 M

13 slides

chemistry effects, dense / iso behavior, resist sidewalls, trim rate, reactive layer, resist bending, line edge roughness

Fundamentals of shallow trench etching

1.2 M

4 slides

process requirements, mask dependent etch chemistries, chemistry dependdent sidewall passivation, profile microloading

Bottom Corner Rounding

1.0 M

4 slides

bottom corner rounding for chlorine and HBr based plasmas

Top Corner Rounding

732 k

4 slides

carbon polymer top corner rounding, multiple step top corner rounding, faceting, striation

Metal Gate Etch

2.7 M

15 slides

TiN, TaN, compatibility between polysilicon and metal gate etch chemistries, chamber wall deposition and dry cleans

High k Etch

7.3 M

7 slides

selectivity mechanism at elevated temperatures, bias power effect at room temperatures, chamber wall effects

Contact Etch

656 k

6 slides

flourocarbon polymers, flourocarbon deposition, fluorocarbon suppression, chemically enhanced etching, ARDE

ARDE in SAC Etch

1.7 M

9 slides

RIE lag for silane oxide, BSG, PSG, and BPSG, influence of resist type, oxygen and CO addition

Etching of porous SiOCH

6.7 M

6 slides

Sidewall passivation mechnism for different etch mask materials, temperature effect, pore diffusion

Etching of SiCO: Effect of Pores

1.2 M

3 slides

Plasma chemistry, surface polymerization, etch rate, etch stop, surface roughness

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