Plasma Technology for Advanced Devices



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Materials and gas systems

988 k

4 slides

Traditional materials and etch chemistries, etch chemistries for materials with giant (GMR) and colossal (CMR) magneto resistance

Non-equilibrium plasmas


1 slide

Typical conditions for non-equilibrium plasmas, peak power density, average power at wafer surface

Reactive and condensable species

180 k

2 slides

Sticking coefficient, reaction probability, surface coverage, substrate temperature, example: etching of tungsten with chlorine and oxygen

Electron energy distribution function


1 slide

Electron temperature, dissociation and ionization energies

Electron - molecule collisions


1 slide

Electron attachment, ionization, dissociation

Electron-impact dissociation

444 k

3 slides

Formation of reactive radicals, dissociative ionization, formation of negative ion fragments and neutrals

Electron-impact ionization

Dissociative electron attachment

Surface processes

788 k

4 slides

Adsorption, physisorption, chemisorption, desorption, ion surface neutralization, fragmentation, sputtering

Ions and radicals in a plasma

520 k

2 slides

Low density plasma: MERIE, SF-CCP
High density plasma: DF-CCP, UHF-CCP, ICP, ECR

Etch mechanisms

1.2 M

3 slides

Chemical etching, ion enhanced etching, physical etching, trenching, sidewall passivation

Spontaneous etching reactions

4.5 M

6 slides

Radicals, XeF2 surface reaction, gas additives, isotropic etch, etch selectivity, resist trim

Role of ion bombardment

1.9 M

4 slides

Physical sputtering, ion induced damage and mixing, ion enhanced chemical reaction, chemical sputtering, anisotropy, ion energy flux

Etching profiles


1 slide

Anisotropic etching, tapering, bowing, undercutting, notching

The trenching phenomenon

2.0 M

4 slides

Ion scattering, ion deflection, ion angular distribution, fast protons, microtrenching

Sidewall passivation layer formation

428 k

3 slides

Reaction by-products, backsputtering, gas phase passivation, condensation

Loading effects and aspect ratio dependent etching

308 k

6 slides

Macroscopic loading, microscopic loading, etch rate dependent etching (ARDE), RIE lag

Knudsen Transport of Neutrals


1 slide

Transmission probability, reaction probability

Charging effects

2.5 M

6 slides

Difference in directionality between ions and electrons, energy and angular distributions of electrons and ions, mask charging, ion trajectory distortion

Temperature effects

464 k

2 slides

Reaction probabilities, vapor pressure, re-deposition, selectivity and profile control

Silicon plasma etching mechanism with HBr and Cl2

972 k

4 slides

Halogenated layer, amorphized layer, neutral flux, ion flux, steric hindrance

Plasma Potentials in Planar Systems

844 k

4 slides

Capacitive sheath approximation, plasma potentials, excitation electrode voltages, dc coupling, capacitive coupling, symmetric and asymmetric reactor

Capacitive and inductive coupling

1.4 M

10 slides

Capacitive and inductive coupling, ion energy distribution, Ohmic heating, stochastic heating, frequency effects, magnetic field effects, electron cyclotron resonance

MERIE and high density plasmas

2.0 M

4 slides

Process parameters, species concentrations, etch mechanisms, etch performance

Ion-ion plasmas

1.7 M

4 slides

Formation, characteristics, fluxes of negative and positive ions

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